We are currently accepting candidates for the 2021 and 2022 exams.

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Track 1 - Comprehensive Pass Guarantee Package

How does it work?

All you need for the course is an internet connection.  The mock oral board preparation is carried out by SKYPE at a pre-determined time as selected by the examinee. The mock oral exams are specially designed to simulate the high stresses experienced during the actual  exam. Detailed feedback will be given for each response afterwards.  On average, each mock oral session lasts 1.5 hours.  Phone exams are administered in lieu of Skype exams only upon request.


Step 1

Pick the track you want.

Step 2

Register for the track.

Step 3

Schedule your mock oral exam.

Step 4

Get feedback and results from your instructor.

Course Structure

Speaking in public and for the oral examination is an art. The “art form” cannot be learned overnight. For this reason, we have structured the course to be spread out over a four-month period before your scheduled exam date. A customized mock oral schedule is also available upon request if the four-month period does not work for you. Some students have completed the course over a period of 1 month. To optimize your learning and before you sign up for this course, we recommend that you are familiar with ACLS algorithms, BLS, PALS, neonatal resuscitation, and emergency airway algorithms. Mock orals are once a week and will increase in frequency as the exam period approaches.

Mock orals are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time (EST) at odd-numbered hours starting at 5PM, 7PM, 9PM, and 11PM on the weekdays. Weekday morning and afternoon hours are also available on a limited basis. On weekends, they are scheduled at two-hour intervals starting at 8AM through 6PM. We have special dedicated late hours for candidates in the West coast.

We are currently accepting candidates for the 2021 and 2022 exams. Reserve your spot and register now. Open enrollment for Track 1 will end one month prior to the ABA oral exam week or when seats are filled, whichever occurs first.

Since 2011, we have been offering the J.O.B crash course weekend lecture series up to five times per year in different parts of the USA. In this weekend lecture series, starting on Friday and ending on Sunday, mock oral exams will be administered to volunteer audience members and each response will be filmed, played back, analyzed, and critiqued during the debriefing period. The lecture series are designed for candidates to recognize the common pitfalls and mistakes during the oral examination process so that they able to retool themselves for the real exam. It is an invaluable learning series that complimentary for each candidate enrolling in Track #1.

Track Options

Candidates are free to switch tracks of equal value without penalty during the same eligible paid exam period in the same year. In addition, candidates can upgrade from a lesser valued track to a greater valued track by paying the difference without any penalties during the same eligible paid exam period in the same year.

Track One (Comprehensive Pass Guarantee)

The candidate saves time and money when ordering the “Comprehensive Pass Guarantee” package. Includes:
--21 Hi-yield Mock Oral Exams
--1 Comprehensive ACLS review mock exam
--2 Online mock exams covering OSCE portion of the exam*
--3-month complimentary access to AnesthesiaQBank to solidify areas of knowledge weakness
--Access to the JOB Lecture Series (3-day lecture series with access to 5 CME credits)
All this only for $4,995. This is the most popular Track selection and comes with the Pass Guarantee! (see below)!
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Track Two (Crash Course)

This track is reserved for the extremists one week prior to the ABA oral exam week. You get 2 high yield sessions per day for 7 days for a grand total of 14 sessions. Each session comes with a stem and 3 grab bags. This is yours for $3000. (You also have the option of spreading the exams from this Track over to ONE month.) This is the second most popular Track selection.
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Track Three

A series of 4 exams based on topics that the candidate wants or needs more practice with (e.g. cardiac, neuro, peds, or OB).
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Track Four

This is “pay as you go” section. The candidate pays $250 per exam of his/her choosing (e.g. subject area or random).
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Track Five

A series of 4 dental anesthesia oral exams on the most commonly tested DENTAL anesthesia topics tested. Students registering for this track receive a discount on the Dental Oral Board Review Book for future purchase and studying.
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Track Six

This is additional exams package. The candidate has the option of choosing up to three additional packages with more mock orals, grab bags, and sessions. Click to see all the details.
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The Pass Guarantee

As the industry leader in Skype-based anesthesia mock orals, we will guarantee that you will pass with our program*. Hands down. We pledge to you that you will receive the best educational experience in the market. If for any reason you do not pass with us, you will be automatically enrolled into any of the JOB crash course weekend lecture series of your choice and receive an updated annual JOB student manual free of charge until you pass*.
*Applies to the new Track 1 (Comprehensive Pass Guarantee Package) only