1How are you different from other courses?
Unlike most other courses that are lecture based, our course is “practice-based.” Thus, your learning will be one-on-one with you in the “hot seat.” Though this may seem nerve-racking at first, most students do poorly in their first few mock oral sessions and then gradually improve as they move onto more exams. This method of practice-based learning has been proven to result in greater retention of material and a better mastery of the topics. More training programs are also moving away from the powerpoint lecture method of teaching and focusing more on case scenarios.
2If my knowledge base is weak, should I register for another course that offers more lectures before I sign up for JOB?
Areas of knowledge gaps are identified through the practice-based mock oral technique and we encourage the use of a review book (preferably our Student Manual) to fill in these knowledge gaps. At JOB, we feel students tune out most of the content of a standard lecture. Thus, the only way to retain information is to practice, practice, practice.
3How do I know if I'm getting my money's worth?
As an online based review course, we have very little overhead. Thus, the vast majority of your fees goes directly to hire a board certified anesthesiologist to administer a mock oral and spend 1-1.5 hours of his/her time reviewing the material and technique with you. As you know, board certified anesthesiologists don’t come cheap and we screen our faculty very closely and train them to administer quality exams. Additionally, we hire these physicians to also write mock oral exams based on the newest released stem questions from the ABA.
4My schedule is unpredictable, will you be able to work around it?
Yes. We are very flexible with the scheduling of exams and can do morning, day, evening or night on either coast.
5I know nothing about the orals. Should I take another course to familiarize myself with the exam before I do mock orals with JOB?
No. Once you register for JOB, you will receive exams over a wide range of topics. Each of these topics is high yield and through practicing you will both build knowledge and refine technique. We believe the orals is not a “spectator sport;” you MUST practice, practice, practice. You will also be exposed to different examiners so you can learn to adjust to different examiner techniques.
6Can I receive a discount?
Because most of your fees goes directly to pay the faculty, we are unable to offer discounts to students. Still, if you are in a dire financial situation, please contact us and we will try to accommodate you the best we can. We offer a flexible spending plan over a span of 2 to 4 months to allow candidates to pay in small installments as well.
7Can I receive a copy of the mock oral exam I just took?
All exams are copywritten so we cannot release them. However, we have created 10 full length exams for self-studying in the Student Manual so when a student purchases this book they will have 10 exams to own and study with on their own.
8Are the mock exams given by JOB actual exam questions released by the ABA?
Yes. Though they are not the exact same exam, we have created questions based on the style used by the ABA.
9How does the level of difficulty of JOB mock orals compare with the real thing?
Our exams tend to be very close to or slightly more difficult than the real exam. This is done purposely so that if you can do well on our exams, you are in good shape for the real test.
10Who are the examiners that I will be paired with?
You will be assigned examiners randomly based on your schedule and their availability. If during the course of your sessions you identify a particular examiner you like to work with, we will try to pair you up with that examiner for more sessions.
11Can I request exam topics or will they be assigned to me?
Depending on your situation, we will make a personalized schedule for you. Sometimes we have candidates who are fellows in a particular field and thus do not want exams in that field. For them, we create a program that covers their particular areas of weakness (i.e. pain fellows may receive more cardiac stems). However, this is based on your preference.
12Are there any company disclaimers?
JOB reserves the right to cancel its services to and withhold its products from certain individuals at its own discretion. No refunds will be given if service is ceased or a product is withheld.
13What is the JOB rescheduling policy?
JOB makes every effort to deliver the skype mock oral at the designated date and time. However, there will be situations beyond both JOB's and the candidate's control when the exam will require rescheduling. If the candidate needs to reschedule an assigned exam, at least 24 hours notice must be submitted via email for the request. Failure to submit the request at least 24 hours prior may result in forfeiture of that exam session. Emergency situations will be judged on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of JOB leadership.
14What is the JOB refund/cancelation policy?
There will be no refunds given for purchased products or services, and all prepaid credit is non-transferable. Credit may be given towards a similarly priced track within the same year of payment under the discretion of JOB leadership.

Have additional questions?

If there are additional questions or you would like more information, please send us a message and we'd be happy to answer them for you.