Just Oral Board Results*


ABA Part 2 Exam Pass Rate


What does this information tell you?

We continue to out-perform our competitors with our outstanding high pass rates in ALL categories. What is amazing is the consistently superb pass rate percentiles in the all first takers” section. While the national pass rate percentile for “all first takers” has been around 80% since 1999, we have traveled to unchartered territory with an outstanding 87%!
The most dramatic results have been in the “all repeaters” section. Considering that most (65%) of our repeaters have taken the exam at least twice, our successful pass rate in this section is the most competitive on the market. In fact, our overall pass rate in the “all repeaters” section is higher than the national pass rate for first time takers!
The results of our sample size are statistically significant. Join us and we will make a positive difference in your board score results and experience.
*Based on candiates completing the Comprehesive Pass Guarantee Package (Track 1)